Dolce Vita Beauty Centre


Dolce Vita Beauty Centre, situated in Randpark Ridge, north-west of Johannesburg opened their doors in (Month) of (year). Owner, Kym Strafford (nee Wagner) was 22 when Dolce Vita Greenside opened. With the doors open, business began to boom. Dolce Vita, as it is fondly known as now quickly grew in popularity. After just 2 years, business had grown so much that Kym had no option but to find larger premises to accommodate every client comfortably with space for more. In a few short weeks, the business moved across town, unfortunately not everyone followed. With a bigger salon, and fewer clients the numbers started to fall. To add to the stress, Kym woke up one morning to find her website had been hacked with no way to save it. Not sure what to do, Kym contacted us to try recover what was left of the website.  What we found was dismal and to make it worse there was no back up to fall on. Instead of telling Kym the bad news, we offered a solution. While we rebuilt the website from scratch in the background, we put up a temporary landing page so that business could continue as normal.

During the clean up of what was left of the website, we uncovered how bad the situation really was. Having built the company from the ground up, Kym as the owner was proud of her hard work so when we suggested a rebrand, it was like asking a mother to give up her child. Seeing as she had designed the logo and managed the brand herself from day 1 it was not easy but after we presented our proposal, it was an easy sell. During the proceeding weeks, we worked closely with Kym to make sure we capture the spirit that she has been nuturing for so long. We are not logo designers, we are brand developers, we strive to capture the emotions that the brand conveys.

In the weeks leading up to the relaunch, we helped Kym develop and implement a social media marketing strategy to build excitement around the rebrand. When the day finally arrived, we were on site to co-ordinate the updating of all signage inside and outside the salon. From frosted windows to outdoor signage, we made sure the new refreshed Dolce Vita brand was displaying as it should.

“Brad’s rebranding vision has helped to grow Dolce Vita’s client base and average spend while preparing Dolce Vita for a changing marketplace as trends in the beauty industry is ever changing. We have been able to grow while most of our competitors have not. Brad’s rebranding vision helped Dolce Vita to develop a proffessional yet vibey new look while maintaining the integrity of our core brand. Rebranding and updating our website has increased our online presence, leads and bookings- overall more happy clients. Our clients have commented on how amazing our new branding looks, how user friendly our website is and how it now meets the standard of treatments given at Dolce Vita.”

In the year since the rebrand, we have been told that business increased by over 40%.